How to Protect Your Software From Hackers With an Efficient Licensing System

How to Protect Your Software From Hackers With an Efficient Licensing System

PACE Anti Piracy offers you some important principles that can help you decide when buying suitable computer security software:

Implementation time

That a program offers you quick, simple, and quick solutions is a great attraction and an extra advantage over other options. Therefore, to choose software, you must take into account how long the provider needs to adapt the product in your company; and how long it will take employees to see the results of this implementation.

This will help you determine its effectiveness and protect your company as soon as possible. In addition to this, good cyber security software has an intuitive platform, easy to use, and understands. All this, with an efficient support center, which will help you to protect your data less tedious and more proactive.

As a bonus, these are three factors that will help you determine, depending on the implementation time, how successful your purchase can be:

1) The tool is easy for the end-user to use

2) It is easy to install, and its licensing policies are well explained and argued

3) The purchase brings with it a manual for the employee and the user

Consider the software vendor

One of the most common mistakes is choosing the product over the company that represents it. Well, only a few providers are truly committed to protecting your digital assets.

In this sense, the technicians of the supplier company must have previous experience attending infrastructures in your sector. Also, you should consider their reputation.

It is just a matter of asking others who have already opted for this computer security software, or simply reviewing online reviews in order to evaluate the multiple scenarios.

In addition to this, it is important that there are a contract and purchase documents that make clear the criteria for obtaining the service. On the other hand, it is imperative to check that the system is constantly updated according to the needs of new technologies. Otherwise, it could become obsolete faster than you think.

At the same time, we recommend choosing providers that include additional services in their package, such as user training, knowledge base, technical support, and optimizations of functionalities.

Be in tune with current regulations

Computer security software must guarantee compliance with cyber security protocols and process quality. This, in addition to adding value to your company’s standards, prevents the emergence of vulnerabilities caused by human error.

Flexibility is the key

Surely your company has some stronger points than others. For this reason, the tool needs to be able to hierarchise protection levels automatically. Thus, you can intelligently handle sensitive data such as financial information.

Around this, good software has configurable functionalities, management of access levels, user roles, and data audits. These factors will make it more reliable.

On the other hand, you must adopt migrations from other systems and be able to connect with other tools that expand the possibilities of your cyber security strategy; and, at the same time, reduce the workload of your technical team.

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