It’s All About the Money: Green Products

By January 2, 2017Energy Efficiency
Green Products

Forget about saving the Earth (if you want). If you’re all about money – getting it, saving it, spending less of it – then read on.

Those formally expensive energy efficient solar panels, LED light bulbs, and that HVAC thing that your hippie friend Ziggy was talking about are all getting less expensive. And more efficient. And saving Ziggy hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year.

You may be tempted to wait – to hold out – until the eco-friendly product you want is event cheaper. But in reality, you’re giving up money – possibly a lot of it – that you could be saving with an updated system. Although prices for these green products are going down, they’re good at saving you a lot right now.

Green Products

Stats from the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy: Contribution of Each Variable to Change in Residential and Commercial Sector Per Capita Electricity Use Between 2007 and 2012

Shelling out for updated lighting fixtures now will start saving you energy, time, and money the day they start running. Plus, with things like rebates, subsidies, and manufacturing guarantees, you’re going to save even more. We’re talking less than 3 year payback!

So go back and ask Ziggy how much money he saves annually with his fancy solar panels. You might just be persuaded to look into getting some yourself.

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