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Efficiency Leader

Wherever you live or work, it can probably be improved somehow or in some way. Let’s say you’re trying to increase efficiency at your workplace. You’re the Efficiency Leader, and your focus is on increasing the speed at which work gets done.

Your goal as Efficiency Leader is to implement this change; change in how tasks are done, may be what time they are done, and possibly who is doing each tasks.

Challenges of change

There are a lot of people who are not a fan of change. shows us that some people may resist change/challenges due to:

  • Lack of knowledge
  • Fear of failure
  • Instability
  • Unfamiliarity

How to deal with change

HBR also points out that all of this friction can create a somewhat disruptive environment. It can lead to less communication or miscommunication.

These issues may seem not seem easy to overcome, but you can do it. SHRM has a great outline to combat the challenge of managing change:

  1. Unify the group and have everyone understand the overarching goal of change.
  2. Explain the plan and how change will be implemented.
  3. Be an example of the change you expect.
  4. Communicate with everyone throughout the process – including following up once change has been fully implemented.

Efficiency Leader is a big role to fill, however if you carefully plan and communicate how you will increase efficiency at your workplace, you will be successful!

Become an Efficiency Leader!

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