Should You Be Going Green or Energy Efficient?

Green or Energy Efficient

In a study by Stephen Ansolabehere of Harvard University, and David M. Konisky of Georgetown University, states that many Americans “want to rely less on energy from burning fossil fuels and turn toward greater reliance on renewable technologies.”

Don’t take this the wrong way, it is great that people are favoring alternative energy sources. But there is a bigger idea, and a better alternative.

Going green, recycling, reusing, and reducing waste – especially the waste produced by fossil fuels – are all great things that we should all be doing to combat climate change. Keep it up!

However, there is an even better option that we can invest in. Efficiency.

Using less energy overall reduces the strain on any source of energy. Less use of fossil fuel, solar, wind, or nuclear energy. Energy efficiency takes the strain off of the energy grid – no matter what the source.

Ansolabehere and Konisky’s study focused on the attitude of Americans on the sources of energy. A majority of Americans favored more environmentally friendly energy sources despite the economic costs.

But there should be a shift in focus for Americans. A shift, not from where their energy comes from, but how much energy is used. Where can energy can be cut, saved, or reduced? What ways can energy efficiency be achieved?

If the idea that Americans favor sustainability despite costs holds up, there are many direct ways to reduce energy usage.

  • Simply turn things off when they’re not in use
  • Update old appliances to approved energy efficient products
  • Look into mass transit or alternative commuting options

Alternative energy sources are not to be dismissed. But, a focus on the efficiency and design of how energy is used will create a larger impact on our energy resources.

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