The EPA’s Strategic Research Action Plan

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EPA’s Strategic Research Action Plan

The Air, Climate, and Energy Strategic Research Action Plan 2016-2019 (StRAP) from the EPA is a plan that will be directing all major branches of the EPA.

The main goal of this document is to:

[P]rovide cutting-edge scientific information and tools to support EPA’s strategic goals of protecting and improving air quality and addressing climate change.

In the next few years, the EPA will focus on quite a few important topics. The most focus will be on the topics of climate change and public health.

The main goals of StRAP:

  • Acting on climate change and air quality
  • Conserving America’s Waters
  • Promoting sustainable development in communities
  • Preventing pollution and safe handling of chemicals
  • Protecting public health
  • Enforcing environmental laws

Professional panels, and other agencies will work with the EPA to plan what needs to be researched and how important the research is. Data will be gathered throughout the 2016-2019 time period. The EPA will again team up with outside sources to organize, interpret, and present the data.

Along with insight, the EPA hopes to:

  • Evaluate how climate change is affecting America’s ecosystems and public health
  • Find out what we can do to adapt and reduce climate change
  • Improve documentation and analysis of pollutants
  • Create advanced modeling of climate change

There are many theories, ideas, goals, and unknowns associated with climate change. StRAP will be our guide to enlightening us to how climate change is affecting America’s diverse environments.

Read the full Action Plan here.

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