Great Divide Brewing Co

Manufacturing and Warehouses


Project Manager
Lighting Designer

Interests and Impacts

Improved net operating income, reduced operating expenditure
Bottom-line savings, reduced construction expenditures
Improved client experience, reduced construction expenditures
Improved client experience, safety, comfort

The Challenge:

Great Divide Brewing Co was committed to being environmentally conscious but needed help corralling their original lighting budget while optimizing savings for heating and cooling such a large space. Additionally, special equipment was needed just to change light bulbs—a process that was both disruptive to production and expensive to carry out.

The Solution:

Working closely with Great Divide, Ecosystems was able to identify ways to save a tremendous amount over their original energy budget, obtain more rebates and incentives, and increase efficiency. Ecosystems also was able to work out a plan to optimize savings for heating and cooling a large space. The 10-year warranties we found substantially decreased the necessary maintenance, providing significant savings to operational expenditures.


Ecosystems discovered some fantastic rebates and incentives that hadn’t been tapped into during the original lighting design process. Those incentives, along with excellent warranties, translated into reducing initial costs, annual energy bills, heating/cooling loads, and ongoing maintenance costs. In addition, the quality of the lighting improved with the replacement of many lighting fixtures.


Gal. of Oil Saved / Yr
Ten-Year Savings
Savings on original light package

Exceptional savings for manufacturing and warehouses.

Ecosystems offers integrated design, value-engineered solutions, and energy upgrades for a wide variety of manufacturing and warehouse properties. Whether you’re an owner, property manager, board member, or c-level executive, we provide energy-saving services that can help you:

  • Save money on monthly energy bills
  • Decrease operating and maintenance expenses
  • Improve lighting quality
  • Improve work environment
  • Improve safety