Eastern Star Masonic Retirement Community



Board of Directors
Facilities Manager

Interests and Impacts

Improved net operating income, long-term business viability
Safety, reduced maintenance, reliability
Enhanced work environment, comfort, better visibility
Better living experience, comfort, safety, perceived quality

The Challenge:

Easter Star Masonic Retirement Community came to us with a dream of replacing their hodgepodge of lighting fixtures and bulbs with energy-saving and money-saving fixtures—changes that would save on both monthly energy bills and maintenance costs. It was also imperative that the needs of their aging residents be met and respected during the process of replacing all of the lights in the building.

The Solution:

Ecosystems was able to develop a lighting plan that included both existing and new construction and to employ rebates and incentives that paid for over 70% of the costs. Through a phased upgrade plan, Ecosystems was able to enhance the ambience and safety features of the facility, minimize disruption of staff and resident activities, and improve both living and working environments.


While everyone needs sufficient light levels for safety and security, we’re coming to realize the impact of quality light on moods, activity levels, and how people generally “feel.” Nowhere is this more important than in our growing retirement and extended care communities, so Ecosystems is proud to have provided residents and their families with quality energy-efficient lighting that allows this community to enjoy the benefits of saving energy and controlling maintenance costs.


Rebates Obtained
Gal. of Oil Saved / Yr
Fixtures Installed

Exceptional savings for retirement and managed-care properties.

Ecosystems offers integrated design, value-engineered solutions, and energy upgrades for a wide variety of retirement and managed-care properties including retirement villages, nursing homes, hospice care, and rehabilitation facilities. Whether you’re an owner, a manager, or a tenant, we provide energy-saving services that can help you:

  • Save money on monthly energy bills
  • Decrease operating and maintenance expenses
  • Improve safety and lighting quality
  • Enhance living and working environments
  • Improve environmental ambience
  • Minimize the disruption of tenant and work activities due to maintenance