Denver Athletic Club Parking



Board of Directors
Maintenance Director


Interests and Impacts

Improved net operating income, long-term business viability
Safety, reduced maintenance, reliability

The Challenge:

The Denver Athletic Club is consistently ranked as one of the top ten athletic clubs in the U.S. However, when they took a close look at the existing lighting in their parking garage, they knew the light quality (too orange!), maintenance schedule (too frequent!), and monthly operating costs (too expensive!) weren’t meeting the standards their members deserved.

The Solution:

Ecosystems needed to provide safe and secure lighting that was energy efficient, provided near-perfect visibility, required less maintenance, and was affordable enough that the energy savings could be passed along to the members of Denver Athletic Club. We found lights that could stand up to long hours of use (possibly 24/7), had a payback period of fewer than two years, and received local utility incentives for over 60% of the cost.


The members were able to see immediate improvements in lighting quality. The lighting was so much better, in fact, the club was able to paint the garage a darker color and still have better lighting. The utility incentives we discovered for DAC provided all-around savings opportunities for the club, the members, and the environment.

Rebate Coverage
Rebates Obtained
Ten-Year Savings
Fixtures Installed

Exceptional savings for parking.

Ecosystems offers integrated design, value-engineered solutions, and upgrades for a wide variety of paid parking and facilities parking situations, including both lots and garages. Whether you’re an owner, property manager, or facilities director, we provide energy-saving solutions that can help you:

  • Save money on monthly energy bills
  • Decrease operating and maintenance expenses
  • Enhance security
  • Improve visibility
  • Improve lighting quality