4 Sources of Energy Efficient Financing

Energy Efficient Financing

As you know, many institutions are pushing for clean energy and energy efficiency with rebate and incentive programs. Energy efficient financing is a great way to make the switch easier on your budget. You may even find that your monthly savings is more than your minimum payment for certain programs.

These financing solutions vary even from city to city. And there are a lot more than you might expect. There are three main sources of rebates and incentives for your energy efficient projects.

Supplier Programs

Demand side energy management programs are run by nearly all utility companies. You actually already pay into it. These programs take a sliver of the utility company’s revenue and turn it into some type of energy programs.

The programs may be educational, discounts on energy efficient projects, wasteful appliance buy-backs, or rebates! There is money to be saved or gained in each of these.

Government Incentives

All levels of government in almost all areas are pushing for green technology. This is sometimes enforced by city codes, state requirements, or incentive programs. The push for these actions can be economic benefits or international agreements.

There are local, state, and federal incentive programs that encourage energy efficiency. National grant and loan programs help finance clean energy and energy efficiency projects.

Federal tax incentives have various ways to they incentivize owners through tax codes for commercial real estate. For each project, meet with a tax accountant to find out what’s available for each individual project.

Equipment Leasing

Finally, loan and leasing programs for energy efficient equipment is booming! There is equipment leasing financing, bank loans, utility provider loans, and additional state and federal loan programs.

Financing these projects is great because there is no big upfront cost to you. Energy efficiency projects save so much that the savings can be larger than the lease payments – you can be cashflow positive from day one!

Ecosystems has a decade of knowledge and experience finding and filing for these rebates and incentives with strong partnerships with equipment leasing businesses.

Most projects receive at least 15-20% of the cost of the projects back in rebates, but all projects vary depending on size of facility, equipment, and project type. Some projects are 75% paid for because they qualify for so many rebates and incentives!

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